Meet Song Joong Ki's wife Katy Louise Saunders  

South Korean actor Song Joong Ki on January 30 announced marriage to British actor Katy Louise Sander. The couple is expecting first child togather. 

Song Joong Ki confirms marriage to Katy Louise Saunders, announces pregnancy

Katy Louise Saunders  

British actress Katy Louise Saunders is reportedly currently in Italy

Katy Louise Saunder, the 38-year-old actress, has appeared in a variety of television and film projects. She has acted in some Hollywood projects and several Italian films.

Song Joong Ki Wife

Katy Louise Saunders

The daughter of a British father and a Colombian mother, Katy was born in England. She is a year older than Song Joong Ki.

Song Joong Ki and Katy Louise Saunders

Song Joong Ki was born on September 19, 1985, while Katy was born on July 21, 1984

At Italy's Bocconi University, Katy earned her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration

Katy Louise Saunders

In addition to Italian movies, Katy has also acted in American movies such as 'The Lizzie McGuire Movie' and 'Welcome Home'. She was also a part of the TV show 'Law and Order'. As of 2013, 'Third Person' has been Katy Saunders' biggest Hollywood break.

Katy Saunders