Joshua Jackson Talks About Jodie Turner-Smith's Impact on His Life

Joshua Jackson And Jodie Turner-Smith

Actor Joshua Jackson recently discussed his relationship with Jodie Turner-Smith in an interview with The Times.

Meeting Jodie Turner-Smith

A mutual friend introduced the couple at a Los Angeles charity event in 2018, as per a report.

Joshua's Initial Reluctance to Marriage and Children

Joshua Jackson revealed he was initially reluctant to get married and have children.

'Three-Night Stand'

In July 2021, Jackson told Insider's Libby Torres that his relationship with Turner-Smith started as a 'three-night stand'.

"In the beginning we did this dance with each other like, 'Oh, this is casual.' Except that we'd spend every moment together and find reasons to be in other cities together at the same time," Jackson told The Times.

'Oh, This Is Casual'

Turner-Smith proposes to Jackson

Turner-Smith proposed to Jackson during their New Year's Eve celebration in Nicaragua around January 2019. They were spotted leaving a Beverly Hills courthouse with what appeared to be a marriage certificate in August 2019.

Joshua and Jodie Become Parent

Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith welcomed a daughter and embrace parenthood in April 2020.

Joshua Jackson on Fatherhood

Joshua Jackson added that fatherhood "has changed me in every single possible way."

Joshua and Jodie's Relationship Continues to Evolve

Joshua Jackson reflected on how his relationship with Jodie Turner-Smith continued to evolve over time.