Elevate Your Eye Makeup Game with Simple Eyeliner Techniques

Simple Eye Makeup with Eyeliner

Get the perfect look with these easy-to-follow steps for applying eyeliner like a pro.

Prep Your Eyes

Start by priming your eyes with an eye primer to ensure your makeup stays put all day.

Choose Your Eyeliner

Choose a waterproof eyeliner that works best for your preferred look. A pen-style or a gel liner is great for precision.

Line Your Upper Lash Line

Start at the inner corner of your eye and gently glide the liner along your upper lash line, following the shape of your eye.

Connect the Dots

Connect the dots you created by gently extending the liner to the outer corner of your eye, creating a subtle or bold cat eye look.

Line Your Lower Lash Line (Optional)

For a more dramatic look, line the lower lash line and blend with a brush for a seamless finish.

Add Mascara

Complete the look by adding a coat of mascara to your lashes for extra definition.

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