Harry Potter Baby Names - Celebrate the Wizarding World with These Meaningful and Enchanting Names

The Magic of Harry Potter Baby Names

The world of Harry Potter is full of magical and meaningful names.


Named after the brilliant witch, Hermione is a strong and independent name that represents intelligence and bravery.


Lily, the name of Harry's mother, represents love, sacrifice, and protection. It's a beautiful name for a baby girl.


James, the name of Harry's father, is a classic and timeless name with a magical twist. It's perfect for a little wizard.


Draco, the name of Harry's school rival, represents mystery, intrigue, and cunning. It's a unique and unusual name for a baby boy.


Ginny, named after the Gryffindor Seeker, represents strength, confidence, and determination. It's a beautiful name for a baby girl.


Harry, the name of the famous wizard who defeated Voldemort, represents bravery, loyalty, and hope. It's a timeless name for a baby boy that will always be remembered in the wizarding world.