Mattel Releases Barbie Doll with Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome Barbie

Mattel, the iconic toy company, has just released a new Barbie doll with Down syndrome.

A Milestone for Inclusion

This new Barbie doll is a milestone for inclusion and diversity in the toy industry, and it is a welcome addition to the popular line of dolls.

Meet the Doll

The new doll is part of Mattel Barbie Fashionistas line, The dress pattern of the doll includes butterflies and yellow and blue colors, which are recognized symbols of Down syndrome awareness. The dress also features puff sleeves.

The Design Process

According to Mattel, they collaborated closely with the National Down Syndrome Society to ensure that the doll's physical attributes, clothing, accessories, and packaging accurately represent an individual with Down syndrome.

A Positive Representation

This collection is described by Mattel a its “most diverse and inclusive doll line, offering a variety of skin tones, eye colours, hair colours and textures, body types, disabilities and fashions, to inspire even more stories”.

The New Barbie

The newly-released Barbie doll is wearing pink ankle foot orthotics that match her dress. Additionally, her sneakers are designed with a zipper, which is a representation of children with Down syndrome who may require orthotics for proper support of their feet and ankles.

Positive Feedback

The release of the doll has received positive feedback from parents, advocacy groups, and the Down syndrome community.

The release of the Sally doll with Down syndrome is a step in the right direction for the toy industry, promoting diversity, inclusion, and acceptance.

Down Syndrome Barbie