Life and Career of Cameron Diaz: From Model to Hollywood Icon

Cameron Diaz: The Early Year

Learn about the early life of Hollywood superstar Cameron Diaz, from her childhood to her early career beginnings.

Cameron Diaz: From Model to Actress

Explore Cameron Diaz's transition from a successful model to an award-winning actress in Hollywood.

Cameron Diaz: Breakout Role in 'The Mask'

Cameron Diaz's breakout role in 'The Mask' put her on the map as one of Hollywood's rising stars.

Cameron Diaz: Comedy Queen

Cameron Diaz's comedic roles in 'There's Something About Mary' and 'The Sweetest Thing' cemented her status as a comedy queen in Hollywood.

Cameron Diaz: Dramatic Performances

Cameron Diaz's dramatic roles in 'Being John Malkovich' and 'Vanilla Sky' showcased her versatility as an actress beyond just comedy.

Cameron Diaz: Environmental Activist

Cameron Diaz used her platform to promote sustainable living and green initiatives.

Cameron Diaz: Best-Selling Author

Discover how Cameron Diaz became a best-selling author with her health and wellness book, 'The Body Book'.

Cameron Diaz: Fashion Icon

From red carpet looks to street style inspiration, Cameron Diaz has had iconic fashion moments.

Cameron Diaz: Personal Life and Relationships

Cameron Diaz has a daughter, Raddix, with husband Benji Madden. The actress had been absent from the industry for eight years. In the upcoming Netflix film 'Back in Action', starring alongside Jamie Foxx, she is making a comeback and making her streaming debut.

Cameron Diaz: Philanthropy and Giving Back

Cameron Diaz's philanthropic efforts include her work with the UN and various charities.

Cameron Diaz: Legacy and Impact

Cameron Diaz's legacy and impact in Hollywood ranges from her memorable performances to her advocacy for important causes.