10-Step Makeup Routine for a Flawless Look

Kamnaa Aurora

How to Get a Flawless Makeup Look

This web story will walk you through the 10 steps of a simple makeup routine that you can do at home.

Step 1: Cleanse Your Face

Start by cleansing your face with a gentle cleanser to remove any dirt, oil, and makeup residue. This will help your makeup to apply more evenly and last longer.

Step 2: Apply Toner

After cleansing, apply a toner to help balance your skin's pH level. This will help your makeup to absorb better and prevent it from caking.

Step 3: Moisturize

Moisturize your skin to keep it hydrated and prevent makeup from looking dry and cakey.

Step 4: Primer

Primer is optional, but it can help to create a smooth, even base for your makeup. It can also help your makeup to last longer.

Step 5: Foundation

Apply foundation to even out your skin tone and conceal any blemishes.

Step 6: Concealer

Use concealer to conceal any dark circles, blemishes, or other imperfections.

Step 7: Blush

Apply blush to add color to your cheeks.

Step 8: Highlight

Highlight your cheekbones, brow bone, and cupid's bow to create a more defined and sculpted look.

Step 9: Eyeliner

Apply eyeliner to your upper lash line to create definition and depth.

Step 10: Mascara

Apply mascara to your lashes to make them look longer and fuller.

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And that's it! You've now completed the 10 steps of a simple makeup routine that you can do at home.